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3rd update of the week

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run time over 30 minutes

Rachel hasn’t been around for a while. She was traveling and then I was booked up all month. When she arrives I’m having an off day and not ready to shoot. She says no problem she is not in any rush, so I take my time. I overhear her on the phone as I’m headed into the room she is in. She is telling someone that she has been waiting over an hour an she is not even sure why she bothers to come up to Michigan to shoot anymore. She thinks it is just a big waste of time. I’m hurt because I genuinely like her and I’ve known her for years and years and years but people talk shit and lets face it models ARE actresses. So I walk in and she hangs up the phone. I don’t mention anything. I give her a hug, tell her I’ve missed her, tell her she looks great and we start. I say lets do something consensual so we don’t have to scuffle. I get to work tying her up and making small talk. Then I decide to cleave gag her with no stuffing just vetwrap and then electrical tape. Personally I do not like this gag, it bites into the sides of my mouth and hurts my jaw bone in a weird way- I’m kinda hoping she dislikes it the same at this point. Now I tell her that I’ve overheard the phone call she was on. She does a little wriggling around with her arms tied to the side and one leg frog tied in that gag and then I re-emerge and think it is time to insert her foot in her mouth and I’m secretly hoping her pantyhose and feet are filthy and taste bad. Well there it is, a few toes in her mouth and she is resting on her elbows. She doesn’t look happy which pleases me. I leave her there but when I return she has magically gotten her foot out of her mouth (not shown). Ok well then now it is time for beige panties in the mouth, more vetwrap and then lots of back tape around her head. Her other leg is quickly tied and she is tightly crotch roped and left to struggle more, hopefully feeling terribly about talking shit about me to her friend in my own home.

footage at the end of her gag coming off and assuring you this was only a storyline clip and she wasn’t talking badly about me and I didn’t make her wait to shoot