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run time 9 minutes

I was visiting some family in Florida this fall (2010) and realized I was staying in the same town as Lew Rubens thanks to the wonders of the internet! I sent him a message and asked if he would tie me up. Lucky for me he was happy to oblige. I’ve known him for years but he only tied me up one other time…earlier this year (2010) in Germany to a post at the Boundcon event. This time he started with me tied very tightly on the bed and a 2 inch ballgag strapped tightly between my teeth. After a short time he decided to slow me down a bit by attaching a mean hogtie rope. Even in the hogtie I had a hard time moving about but he soon got tired of that movement and decided to add yet another rope! He attached it to my knees and hiked my knees up into something he called a reverse hogtie, with the regular hogtie rope still in place. I was absolutely crippled! Still yet he was not exactly satisfied so he added a rope to the back of my ballgag and pulled my head back and then wrapped rope around my eyes….No more struggling, just a few little moans and maybe a twitch or two. I loved it of course !!!! 🙂