New model to this site Kajira. I only got one other clip but she will return in the spring and I can’t wait to do more

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33 minutes

Dakkota and Kajira are strung up and ballgagged. They struggle in their short skirts, high heels and pantyhose until the crazy woman that bound them up returns and tapes them up. They are attorneys who are due in court to put  her son a way for a long time. The mad woman convinces herself that if they don’t show up he gets off.  They both get their mouths stuffed with panties and vetwrap around their heads while seated in chairs. Then they are moved to the floor and packing tape goes around their heads. After a moment on their bellies they are taped back to back together for a while before the woman comes back and tips them over onto their sides where she tapes their legs together so they are now back to back on their sides. She leaves them there like that telling them that someone will soon appear when they don’t show up in court…

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