My first time with Nyxon in 7 years!!

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almost 38 minutes

Old friends Nyxon and JJ haven’t been talking much, Nyxon is delighted when JJ invites her to come chat in her office. JJ tells Nyxon she is newly engaged but the man suddenly tells her he is so into bondage and gags and she could really use some practice. Eager to please Nyxon volunteers her body and mouth… but JJs man isn’t really interested in being tied up. She believes Nyxon stole from her and she wants to punish her. Nyxon gets a ballgag and blue stretchy material.  Nyxon gets some fabric and blue vetwrap and blue tape as a cleave. Nyxon is given some water and then an enormous silk scarf in her mouth, then vetwrap and a sticky ace bandage. That one makes it nearly impossible to breathe so a piece of a tank top and a hanky goes in, more pink vetwrap and then black tape. Her elbows have also been tied together but due to the mouth hell she doesn’t even notice. JJ gets her to talk in the gags and pretends to be very caring and apologetic Next an orange rag, lots of microfoam, some struggling and a hogtie on the floor with a stocking cap and black tape. Then JJ gags herself with lots of fabric, microfoam and a stocking cape and black tape while Nyxon struggles. JJ soon removes her gag and says she is going to lunch and leaving her there to think about being such a thief, tells her this has all been a set up….. At the beginning of the ordeal JJ texted her man about how proud she was for punishing Nyxon for stealing. He knows she wasn’t the thief….HE borrowed that money to buy her engagement room so he rushes over to apologize to Nyxon and rescue her from her bindings.

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