Ophelia K came and left and basically shot nonstop with Gotcuffs and I. I dropped her off at the airport and went right to the bank to clean up the enormous messes we made and then home to handle appointments with heating and cooling people. My central air was entirely dead last year and everyone said it was a fire hazzard and refused to fix it and even with two window units the house was 88F most of the summer since the place basically just bakes in a field.

88F indoors isn’t great for motivation, hair, makeup, hosiery, pets or shooting. lol. So I’ve chosen the winner and I’m getting new air and a new furnace to replace the one from 1986. Boy there are one million things that I need almost as badly that I wish I could be spending that money on….sigh.

I’m shooting lots of solo customs today and then tomorrow I will be catching up on all of those Ophelia custom edits. I’m thrilled to say my editing computer is currently being obedient and running quickly, hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that.

Next week should be exciting

Red Diamond 24th am

Lilith Lewd-new to me- 24th pm

Mama Binx- new to me 25th

Claire Irons- new to me 26th

Rachel Adams- 29th

Izzie – 31st

I can shoot customs of these ladies, just give me a few days to respond about it while I play catch up.

I am delighted that I have so much interesting content right now and much of it from your minds 🙂








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