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run time 35 minutes

A woman ( JJ Plush) breaks into a jewelry appraisal company and is bummed out about the small stash she finds when she is confronted by the security guard (Cherry Busom). She convinces the guard that makes little money that she should get in on this heist… Lucky for the thief the guard likes the idea and tells her to make it all seem real she should definitely bind and gag her. So the thief tapes up the pretty guard and stuffs her mouth and wraps fabric around her head. She struggles for sometime before it is decided to change her gag out to more stuffing and lots of clearish tape. Then she decides to hogtape her on the floor since she seems to be enjoying herself so much. Once she has the goods from the big safe she comes back and puts the guard back in the chair and puts 2 different things in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. Now when authorities arrive it will really look like the guard was overpowered and robbed. The thief promises to get in touch with the guard days later when things calm down, but will she????

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