This was a custom and Cherrys first attempt at being a bad guy and she did great!

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20 minutes and 35 seconds

JJ is on the phone with a friend explaining that she was done with her sessions for the day and excited to unwind. She hangs up the phone and walks into another room where the new domme in town, Cherry Busom is hanging out with a weapon. She is complaining of stolen business. She removes her panties and has JJ gag herself with them. Then she has her tape her ankles to the chair. She puts a chain and padlock around JJs waist and then cuffs her hands in front and nipple clamps her. She goes off to explore the plush playhouse and then suddenly JJs ex appears delighted to join Cherry in tormenting the woman. They remove the cuffs and give her an enormous ballgag to put in her mouth instead of the panties and they cuff her hands behind her back and then the ex takes Cherry to the safe….

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