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run time 27 minutes

Safa Warda came to shoot 3 clips with me around 2012 and then never again, until now! She first mentions her love for pantyhose so I thought it was necessary to do a pantyhose encasement on her. She undresses from her street clothes and gets into some seamed pantyhose before I come in and make her a matching top and help her get ballgagged. She stands and gets more rope and nipple clamps over the nylon material. She sits in the chair and gets tight arm ropes and a gag change to leopard panties and clearish vinyl tape. Now she struggles on the floor before a simple hogtie for a bit before I return with a stocking cap and tighten up the hogtie. Now she is like a cute little deer in headlights, wide eyed through the nylon hood and relatively still. She does allow me to push her over for that view even though she could not do it herself. Footage at the end of the gag coming out and her ropey dopey self. I didn’t know she hadn’t done tight bondage in ages…..but she got through it beautifully 🙂

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