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run time over 26 minutes

JJ finds a Valentines Day gift in her car, it wasn’t meant for her though- it was meant for her boyfriends lover. She peaks at the gift while she is on the phone with him. His attitude changes and he gets off of the phone quickly. She digs deeper and finds a note to Rachel- not JJ.

The scene cuts to JJ bringing in this Rachel the rope was meant for. Rachel is tied in the cruel coconut rope standing in heels. Her nipples are clamped and her mouth is stuffed with a huge pair of panties and then an ace bandage and later a stocking. She is eventually tightly hogtied and left there.

*side not I arrived at the studio just as Rachel had finished a shoot with¬† Tony/ Gotcuffs. I liked her outfit and kept her in it….I didn’t know about those panties until I pulled up her skirt. I woulda picked something else, lol

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