2nd update of the week

This was a custom video

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full clip, run time 24 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

starts with the huge ballgag, run time 9 minutes

JJ went home with a man that was throwing money around all night. He even left thousands on his bed side table. She decided he wouldn’t miss it and she left assuming he’d never come looking for her but she was wrong. She came in talking on the phone to a girlfriend about how much money she had taken from the guy explaining that she would pay for her friends hair to get done. He is already in the apartment, with a weapon at that. He makes her ballgag herself but she tries to explain that she really liked him but knew that he wouldn’t call back because she slept with him the first night. She tried to convince him that she only took the money hoping he would come looking for her because she likes him so much. He didn’t seem to be buying it. He gets her all ziptied while in a micromini jean skirt, shiny hosiery, 5″ pumps and size small sweater on her large frame. She even gets 4 zipties on each boob and her thick arms are smashed together with the tiny zipties in a horrible way. He can understand her pitiful words too much so he pushes a giant ballgag between her teeth. She struggles near the post and then on the bed trying to find some relief and then he hogties her with zipties on the bed and leaves her there.

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