1st update of the week

a continuation of the story line from April 13

This was a custom video, interested in one?  jj at borntobebound.com

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34 minutes


Well JJ was too out of it to tie Gigi up securely she has escaped her hogtie and is out for revenge. She finds JJ at her regular watering hole. She tells the bartender to scram- he knows who she is and he obeys. JJ can’t believe her eyes and she is waist high in xanex and booze. She reluctantly agrees to follow Gigis orders. She is taped to the post, groped, a huge ball is shoved in her mouth. She is poisoned over and over. She struggles without getting loose, but Gigi isn’t done with her. The next scene cuts to JJ tied at he elbows and wrists and wearing the big ballgag. She is being led to a corner where Gigi can hogtie her but first she regags her with stuffing and lots of duct tape. Poor JJ is groped, poisoned again and again and left there on the floor.

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