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run time 32 minutes

Sahrye stands against the post and I add some electrical tape to her and the pole. She puts a big ballgag in her mouth and starts to drool right away as I tape her up with clear tape. She is mummified to the pole with that tape, then gets a racquet ball in her mouth, clear tape around her head and the pole and then after some time electrical tape is wrapped around that.  You can watch me panic a couple minutes later when she needs it removed…She bounces back and gets a bib around her neck and then a dental gag and a giant clothespin on her tongue. Next I put a pair of panties in her mouth but they are just too small so I shove in the bib and wrap her head with purple vetwrap. She takes it like a pro! Then I put those panties that were too small for her mouth over her head and wrap it with electrical tape keeping her head to the post. By this time of course her purple sweater has been cut and there are clothespins on her nipples.


All three of the girls skirts are made in America by, as are the matching armbinders

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run time over 25 minutes

Riley Rose and Sahrye are bar backs at the Bondage Bar. They clean the bar in leg irons, ballgags, collars and handcuffs in front, wearing tight shiny skirts, pantyhose and high heels. JJ the owner of the bar comes in and tells them they should apply to be waitresses at the bar and starts to change their bondage. They each get armbinders that match their skirts cinched to their little bodies. They get rags stuffed into their mouths and each girl gets an entire roll of red vetwrap to keep the rags in place. They are told to get to the floor and are tied back to back. Their legs are tied to the poles in front of them. They get a rope around their necks connecting their heads and last but not least the girls get blindfold. JJ leaves them there for the bar maid to untie when she gets into work. .


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run time 19 minutes

Sahrye has is the beautiful wife of a politician. She doesn’t know it but the family is about to be blackmailed…but instead of just blackmailing the couple a woman decides to go above and beyond what is necessary because she has some information about the guy that he would never want out. The woman (Sahrye) is sitting down at the able having a martini. Little does she know there is another woman outside of her back door putting something that will make her pass out on a rag. The woman enters and before Sahrye knows it the rag is placed over her nose and mouth and she passes out. Sahrye is dragged across the floor and manhandled. Her wrists and ankles are tied. She comes to but is quickly subdued again. She is groped and a chest harness is added. She gets a big pair of panties stuffed into her mouth when she comes to and bandaging wrapped around her head to keep it in. Sahrye is then hogtied with her arms pulled over her head, and after some more groping, a photograph to send to her husband and a layer of electrical tape added to her gag she is left struggling….Is she able to make it all of the way out???


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Photos of Sahrye encased in pantyhose and hogtied. The clip is already up

23 photos


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run time about 35 minutes

Sahrye sits on the sofa in nude pantyhose and nude pantyhose that I use as a top and 6 inch heels. I start to tie up her legs with very thin rope as I ask her a lot of questions about her experience with bondage. Then I shut her up with a silve colored ballgag before adding even more rope to her before swapping that gag out for a pink pair of socks and wrap her head tightly with microfoam tape. I have her scoot down to the floor and then I tie up her pantyhose encased hands with that thin rope, add a rope right under her beautiful booty and then put a stocking cap on her, add some electrical tape to that and then pull the cap back to her hogtie. I like the way it makes the gag look. She struggles for a bit…I do unwrap the gag on screen.


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run time over 20 minutes

Sahrye is interested in getting tied up so she gets in touch with a local mistress. When she gets there she is uneasy because she is taken down to a creepy basement and instead of being a sensual girl/girl light bondage scene the mistress ties her up tightly and ballgags her. Sahrye isn’t happy and wants to go home, but the mistress isn’t having it. She keeps adding more ropes, and puts nipple clamps on the girl and then puts her into a tight hogtie and adds an ace bandage to her ballgag. She can’t take it, she starts to cry…

Sahrye likes bondage in real life but really does start to cry. The nipple clamps were just too much for her at that time in that cold basement. She later wrote me a very sweet note, she didn’t hate the experience at all and said she knew tears would come eventually and she was happy it was with me. This was the only clip I got with her that day. She was traveling with another girl and shooting with another photog.

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