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run time 27 minutes

Safa Warda came to shoot 3 clips with me around 2012 and then never again, until now! She first mentions her love for pantyhose so I thought it was necessary to do a pantyhose encasement on her. She undresses from her street clothes and gets into some seamed pantyhose before I come in and make her a matching top and help her get ballgagged. She stands and gets more rope and nipple clamps over the nylon material. She sits in the chair and gets tight arm ropes and a gag change to leopard panties and clearish vinyl tape. Now she struggles on the floor before a simple hogtie for a bit before I return with a stocking cap and tighten up the hogtie. Now she is like a cute little deer in headlights, wide eyed through the nylon hood and relatively still. She does allow me to push her over for that view even though she could not do it herself. Footage at the end of the gag coming out and her ropey dopey self. I didn’t know she hadn’t done tight bondage in ages…..but she got through it beautifully 🙂


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run time over 21 minutes

This was the very first clip I shot of Safa Warda when she visited months back. I apologize for my horrible hair…lol. We chat a lot as I tie her up. I ask her about her bondage and modeling experiences and a bunch of other chit chat before I ballgag her. She tries hard not to drool, but finally can’t hold it back when I tighten it up a bit. ALL OF THE TYING IS ON SCREEN. She struggles some in the chair and then I remove my panties and gag her with them, wrapping duct tape around her head over and over again. It looks nice and matches her dress 😉 I pull her pretty boobs out of her top and then have her get to the floor where she is put into a nice tight hogtie and left to struggle. There is some bonus footage of her unwrapping the gag at the end.


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run time 14 minutes and 40 seconds

My own personal Bettie Page! Safa had never worn a girdle before this day, but it does look lovely on her! You can find it on girdlebound. It’s not often I get to shoot such a classic looking woman with no tattoos! She loves bondage off camera too, which is a real bonus! Safa stands in a girdle and heels with a neck rope, chest harness and leg ropes on. I put a red ballgag in her mouth (by hottbonds) and begin to tie up her arms. I tie her wrists to her sides and then have her get onto the little stool where she is ungagged and regagged using thin microfoam as a cleave. I put her into a hogtie, tie the hogtie off over head, run rope thru her mouth to keep her head up and let her struggle.


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run time 12 minutes

A teacher wants to meet with a mom about her sons performance in school. Upon arriving at the house the teacher tells the mom that her son isn’t going to be able to play in the big football game because he is failing her class. The mom explains to it that some kids are athletes and others are good students and her son is a good athlete and deserves to play…The teacher says school is about learning and not sports. The mom gets pissed, she just can’t help herself from choking out the snobby teacher. Once she is out the mom isn’t sure what to do…she grabs some duct tape and starts to tape the pretty lady up. The teacher wakes up and tells the mom she is going to get sued, the mom quickly stuffs her mouth and wraps tape tightly around the womans head. She doesn’t want to hear a word out of her anymore. She grabs the womans purse, hopes to find something she can use against this teacher in her phone. It is moms lucky day- there are some sexy messages between her and the superintendent of schools…he happens to be “happily” married.  Mom leaves the room to copy the messages and teacher decides to try to get into her purse for her pocket knife to cut herself out. She doesn’t get to it before mom returns. Mom decides that she will let everyone know about her little affair with the super if she doesn’t let her son play in the game, and furthermore doesn’t harass her about his grades anymore. She agrees…The son comes home, sees his teacher on the ground. Mom tells the son to go to his room, and not to worry he gets to play in that game. He tells his mom she is the best.

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