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run time 30 minutes

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partial clip (struggling scenes gag scene): 10 minutes and 30 seconds

 Kimberly Sinical is long and lovely and struggling in a basic tie at the post and 2″ ballgag before I come and add more ropes to her. Then she is on her knees struggling in the ballgag before it is time to swap out the gag. A blue hanky, vetwrap, a stocking cap and lots of black vinyl tape. Now she gets hogtied in a way that she can manipulate her crotch rope, she writhes around enjoying the bondage and mouth stuffing gag. Her beautiful size 11 feet are smacked and bitten, her nipple clamps are pulled on and when it is over, I untie the hogtie stand her up and have her play partner who is seeking refuge in Mi avoiding the FL hurricane come over and take her. He gladly joins in even tho I didn’t ask ahead of time. He manipulates the crotch rope and I hang out on the bed watching…

3rd update of the week

this was a custom request

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run time 41 minutes

Kimberly comes home on New Years Eve and finds a strange woman sitting on her couch. She says her young daughter has been abducted and if she ever wants to see her again she must do as she is told. In this case it means being bound and gagged to be taken to her daughter. Kim reluctantly obeys. She is tied up, crotch roped, fishnet stockings stuffed in her mouth and tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She tries to talk to the woman tying her up but her words are too muffled. She is nipple clamped and left for a bit before it is time for more. The clamps go off and then unlucky for her they go back on the other way. She is miserable. The big gag is removed and only a small ballgag replaces it for a bit. Then she is balltied and the gag goes off- not for good, only to put a fishnet stocking over her head. She is left in that little ball. She lays there in misery and then she feels a knot at her hands- she picks and picks and gets the balltie rope off! Eventually she is free, the woman is still gone. She takes off the nipple clamps clearly upset. She soon gets up and reads the note next to the couch which simply says her daughter is still safe at the babysitters house- this woman was just looking to make someone feel helpless.

1st update of the week

I told Kimberly we would start the clip with me already hogcuffed and I would escape with bobby pins and come after her but she said can I please tie you up instead?  Of course I was like, sure- one of the first women I ever tied tying me! Yay! I gave her no other instruction aside from the theme of the clip. That was fun and unexpected and boy my arms hate boxties, especially since I’ve been so tense. I practice elbows daily, guess I need to practice that position too-

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run time 32 minutes

For those of you that read these things- what I thought was the exciting part of my escape from the hogtie- which really did happen was not recorded. We found out just now that our specific camera turns off after 30 minutes of consecutive filming which we never knew and we’ve had it for over a year!! We do stop to change positions smoothly often or when there are issues. Tony/ hubby/ gotcuffs was filming for me and sooooo sure he didn’t mess up and I really doubted him. He HATES to be wrong, so he googled it and of course showed me the evidence. I’m sad. It took A LOT of work to get my hands out. I didn’t know at the beginning if I would be able to escape at all but I knew I was going to try. I got a little less mad when I saw paid wedding videographers had the same problem with that camera and missed important things like bridal dances and cake cutting because of it. Anyway live and learn, now we know. Even though I’m sure that exact problem won’t happen with us again I’ve decided in the future we will run the go-pro or our old camera in the background. Ggggrrrr Eric Cain/ futilestruggles was over and he likes much, much harder stuff but even he said the guys that like escapes will enjoy your struggle for sure and it isn’t there. I know some of you could care less but I apologize to the others. 

Kimberly tells her long time good friend JJ that she wants to practice bondage on her because she is working on surprising her boyfriend in the bedroom. JJ agrees to be the crash test dummy for her friend, but as the two talk JJ begins to think that Kimberly is mad at her for something, her mood seems to darken and JJ can’t get her to lighten up. Then once JJ is secured and helpless Kim grabs some panties and shoves them in her mouth against her will. Gags were not discussed and now she is wrapping tape around her face and hair! Her body language, tone of voice and demeanor really change. She is definitely mad and in charge. Kimberly has her so called friend right where she wants her. Not only did JJ sleep with her boyfriend which she knows for sure since she was secretly recording him at his apartment JJ is also in a traditional marriage and not supposed to be sleeping around. To get back at JJ for hurting her and cheating on a good man she wanted to tie her up, humiliate her and possibly end her marriage, that was the real reason for the bondage session. Kimberly has been looking for a good man like JJ has so she is extra disgusted at the two of them. She thought Eric was a keeper and she thought JJ wouldn’t be selfish enough to cheat on one of the few good men left in the world. JJ keeps protesting through the gag that she is sorry and that she only slept with him once and they were drunk, and she didn’t know how much Kimberly liked him at the time. Kimberly tells JJ she has the footage of them sleeping together and she plans to show her husband. Her plan is to bring Eric and JJs husband over to discuss it with all of them! She is sure that JJs husband will leave her for this and possibly get into a fist fight with Eric. Now JJ is hogtied and gagged on the floor and Kimberly leaves to pick Eric up. JJ scrambles to get herself untied. Lucky for her those arm ropes were not cinched. She figures her marriage depends on her escaping and getting that footage of her and Eric together. She manages to do it and she pulls her gag off which leaves her face tender and red. ( The impressive part of the escape from the hogtie does not exist for those of you that like escapes as I stated above sadly). It ends with the arms down in more of a strappado style than a boxtie and a heel coming off, then cuts to sitting up and getting leg ropes and the gag off. She yells for Kim ever so sweetly to forgive her and please give her the footage. When she realizes Kim is gone she gets out of there. Later Kim reappears with Eric to confront him with JJ tied up, but she has disappeared. He’s annoyed with her and tells her she is wasting his time, grabs her by the hair and leads her out-


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16 minutes

Kimberly and JJ met at a gay bar. JJ brings Kimberly home and they start to pet each other on the bed but a man grabs Kim from behind and starts to tie her up. At first she thinks it is a sexy game but quickly realizes she is going to be robbed and maybe worse. The duo tie her up, JJ takes her panties off and then stuff them in her mouth to keep her quiet and wrap tape around her head. She is terrified and confused. The man puts a crotch rope on her and hogties her. The woman soon returns and adds a tight layer of microfroam tape to her gag really muffling her. They grab her purse to rob her but will have to dispose of her later….


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run time 20 minutes

Steve Villa and JJ are up to know good. They’ve lured a reporter to a warehouse. They need to make sure that the woman believes that JJ is also being held captive so her wrists and elbows are bound tightly and her mouth is stuffed and cleave gag pulled very tightly between her teeth. When she arrives she tries to come to the rescue of the woman that called her. A man name Steve grabs her and ties her up. He is looking for some information that Kim refuses to let up. When he is away JJ gets to the ground and makes her way over to Kim from on her knees. They are able to pull out JJs gag. JJ playing a damsel in distress asks Ms Sinical for the same information and she boasts that he will never find it in the secret compartment in her office trash can. Steve comes back into the room, stuffs Kims mouth shut and wraps her head so tightly with microfoam tape a a cleave she can barely breathe. Then Steve starts to untie JJ who lets Kim know that she has been tricked. Once untied with her arms fully functioning JJ has some fun with Kim, hogties her and grabs at her a bit. They have even given her a crotch rope over her satin flower panties. JJ tired of watching her decides to fold up her scarf and put it over Kimberlys eyes. They leave the pretty sophisticated woman there bound, gagged & completely helpless and leave to get what they were after.


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There was a New Years Eve party for the performers at the studio the Corrupt Security Guard works at. The guard wasn’t invited to the party so she is upset upon arriving and seeing one of the party goers passed out near the coat rack. She kicks at the woman and then notices a bag of white powder in the top of her stocking. She takes it out and gives it a taste and realizes it is coke. Now she really has a reason to punish the woman who tells JJ that she already has a criminal record. JJ cuffs her ankles and her wrists, puts a posture collar on her and tapes up her fingers and puts nasty nipple clamps on her. She leaves the woman there for a while. She manages to eventually reach around, even with her fingers taped to get the nipple clamps off but she was in obvious pain. She manages to slide the tape off of one hand but before she can do anything else the guard comes back and tells her to scoot across the room to a rope that is hanging down from above. Rope is added to Kimberly arms, waist and she gets a crotch rope. JJ puts the nipple clamps back on her ties her into a ball and then tips her over and leaves. When she comes back she removes the enormous ballgag that has been in for about 20 minutes, wipes her face with the panties that are about to be stuffed into her cheeks and then wraps her head with vetwrap. She hogties her making her lay on the nipple clamps and then after rolling her from side to side attaches the rope hanging from above to the hogtie and taping up her fingers again. She pulls her head back with a rope and then tapes one of her high heeled shoes to the back of her head and slaps and pokes her feet with the other shoe before deciding to keep it for a souvenir and leaving the miserable woman there.


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run time over 20 minutes

Kimberly has been warned to get out of town. JJ doesn’t like another lady taking her sessions. Kimberly has a helper there Cherry that ties her wrists together for the start of the session. Then she takes off to run some errands.  Kimberly is dressed to kill in a leather corset, fancy garter belt, leather jacket and boots.  Kimberly doesn’t usually get tied up but agreed to start this way for a bunch of extra cash. The problem is her helper tied her just a bit too tight and when her new session happens to be JJ she can’t get free to make it out of the way. JJ gets to work tying her up. JJ tells Kim she knows she is an escort and hooking and threatens to go to the cops. JJ puts a 3 inch ballgag between lips and adds more rope to the woman. JJ takes a look around the joint and then comes back and takes the ballgag off stuffing a big pair of panties, presumably for a Sissy between her lips. Then she wraps her head with an entire roll of vetwrap.  The domme is obviously stressed. JJ puts her in a hogtie and leaves her there to roll around violently, unable to get out of her bindings. Finally her little helper comes back and unwinds all of the vetwrap….


This is for you Jochen!

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run time 26 minutes

Kimberly has been chatting online for a while now with JJ. They both really love bondage and have agreed to finally meet in person. Kimberly obeys JJs wishes and is wearing an open bottom girdle, long line bra, stockings and heels. She is told to blindfold herself and handcuff herself. She waits for JJ to show up. JJ comes in and begins to tie up her legs. The women flirt and Kimberly wishes she could actually see JJ. Her handcuffs are pulled though her crotch rope keeping her hands close to her body and allowing her to play with the rope between her legs a bit. Eventually the blindfold is removed and more flirting ensues before JJ gags Kimberly with a big pair of satin panties and microfoam tape. Much to her dismay JJ gets up and starts to rifle through her things as she watches. JJ finds some jewelry and a nice camera. She takes some photos of Kimberly for a souvenir and then reminds Kimberly not to let people from the internet into her home.


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run time 50 minutes

My bondage loving professional friend Kimberly Sinical came over for some much needed bondage. I put her into a box tie, tie her off to the pole, gag her with my huge 3inch ball, crotch rope her and pull it across the room. She gets a spreader bar with cuffs attached but she seems to comfortable so I pull up her right leg and tie it off to the pole so she is only on her left. I add nipple clamps and pull them up, wrap vetwrap around her head and attach her to the pole still wearing the huge gag. Then I change the position of the nipple clamps and pull them out in front. I slap her with a crop a bit and spank her ass. When I take that huge ball out I stuff her mouth with an enormous toy ball, but it seems dangerous actually I so I put a big pair of panties in her mouth and wrap her head with duct tape. I get her to her knees, I add more rope, put a stocking cap on her head, wrap clear tape around that and then give her a new smiling face.  She is in a balltie by the time I put the new face on her and can’t really move at all. I do some of the untying on screen and assist her in removing that gag. It was fun, she is just fantastic. It seemed like nothing I could do to her at first was mean enough.


Photos of local lovelies Kimberly Sinical and Polly Glamorus

Video updates from these shoots will be posted soon!

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