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The arrest scene was posted here earlier as a bonus as well.  It is also available on & his clips4sale store

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run time almost 16 minutes

JJ has been disobedient in jail. She is in high security in the cell but that doesn’t matter, she still starts to yell at the security camera and rips it down. She is punished by being put in the restraint chair. She fights and fights and gets a leg free but it doesn’t do her any good. The guard puts her leg back in and straps her up even tighter taking her back to the cell in the chair where she remains that way.

New head cage Tony ordered months ago that finally came. I personally did not like it on. I’m glad Adara didn’t mind it….Not a lot of the bondage is shown going on because I’m extra awkward with metal. Go figure.

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run time 30 minutes

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run time 5 minutes and 20 seconds

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run time 12 minutes and 24 seconds

Adara got into trouble in 2014 (same title as above) and her parole officer decided to teach her a lesson with some bondage. Now she is back in trouble again. She paces around the jail cell in an orange straitjecket and matching pants. Her parole officer comes in makes her change and takes her home. Back at her house Adara changes into a girdle, fully fashioned stockings and a long line bra. She also gets a leather waist cincher and black bolero jacket. She sits in the chair. Her legs are shackled to a spreader bar. Her arms are cuffed up oddly with leg irons, but only after she is told to gag herself with a big white gag. Her hands are eventually taped up into little t-rex arms or mits so she can’t pick at the gag. Her legs are spread and the white panties against her tan young skin gleam. She gets chains wrapped around her body and nipple clamps are added. Her gag is eventually removed and a big metal head cage goes on. It fits snugly, it is pushed back making her drool all over herself. She is helpless and humiliated and not sure what this mad woman is going to do to her. Purple handcuffs are added as weights to the nipple clamps and she is left in misery. Who is the real criminal here?

1st update of the week

*This was a custom video clip

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run time 29 minutes

JJ is minded her own business late at work when an officer comes in and says it is time to take her away for tax fraud. She knew it was coming. He lets her put her jacket on and then she remembers that she needs to take an envelope to the back of the shop, he walks her back there with her already cuffed with hinged cuffs. They walk out the door, she is strapped into the car and then taken to the station. She paces around and sits down- still cuffed. He comes to get her, removes her jacket but then unzips her sweater and pulls her boobs out. He takes her to a cell and leaves her cuffed and exposed. She tries to get comfortable but can not. She yells for him to come and let her out. He comes back in. He ballgags her with the biggest ballgag ever and he puts hinged cuffs on her ankles. Now she is truly miserable and uncomfortable. She tries to walk around like that. She tries to beg for help. She drools, she tries to get comfy on the bed but he just comes back to tell her the judge didn’t come in, so she is stuck there another day….

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