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Server transfer seems to have been a success but I could not send or receive emails from the night of the 8th until tonight the 11th. I was told that once the email was working correctly all of the messages that were sent during that time would show up, but that was an untruth. I sent many tests from my other account and my webmaster sent tests as well and nothing showed up.

Anyway good news is that it seems to be working now but if you sent a message during that time please resend it. If you sent a message before then and haven’t heard from me please be patient…

My husband/webmaster/camera man moved in with his family 350 miles from here and has no intention of returning back to me. I’ve been beside myself trying to prevent that from happening since late last year. Most of my energy was spent coping with all that emotionally which spilled over to my physical world, hence unreliable updates etc. Please no worries he will continue to run fetish sites and his own cuff site and to be my webmaster. Plus we just changed servers, which I already mentioned so some of you in exotic locations should be getting your content faster than before. It was apparently a very wise switch but if you experience glitches please email support at

Thursday (tomorrow) expect an hour long cuff update that is exporting now and another one, not sure what yet.

Also if you are interested in customs I am shooting

Mizz Amanda Marie this Saturday

Rachel very soon

Adara Jordin the week of the 25th

Dakkota the 29th

Freshie Juice around the 31st

Je C very soon

Dominica when there are custom requests for her

Simone very soon

Illustrious Rogue aka Rose very soon

*I’m not interested in using two (other) models at one time right now though. I’m frazzled and people are unreliable¬† and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that right now… but I will have a camera person.

Also I’ll be a guest at the smaller Boundcon in November in Munich!! I am very, very excited as I haven’t been able to attend events in a while! I’ll be handing out free hugs or free spankings (for you, not me) so please come on out. Also I will be doing domme sessions in the hotel room….

I still have the bank building for now but it is painfully hot and the idea of sessioning in there right now makes me ill. The last thing I want is a client or submissive heat stroking out on me.


Fighting the good fight for a brighter future, JJ



Journal Update, ladies available for custom videos

Visiting models


regularly available locals

Hi everyone, as most of you know I am the worst emailer in the world. I have only been in my borntobebound email two or three times a week for a bit so please be patient. If you are interested in a custom please title your email CUSTOM REQUEST. Before you write visit the top of this page and read what I have written about customs. I do not charge by the minute like a lot of girls. I charge differently for each request depending on how time consuming it will be and how difficult it will be for the model. It is less expensive if it is something that I think makes a good fit at borntobebound- message me with your scenario and we can go from there. I like this to be figured out in as few emails as possible, I’m sorry about that. I know many of you want to have endless conversations about your custom fantasies but I am spread way to thin, that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy making your custom come to life.

Obviously each of these women have their own set of limits and limitations-everyone is a little different.

IF you’d like for a script to be memorized I am not the right person for your custom. My attention span and work load can not handle that but if you have key phrases you’d like used no problem- Feel free to include images of ties you like and outfits as well.¬†

Oh and don’t forget if you still don’t like to join memberships but like to buy clips you can find mine cheaper at You can create an account and stream or download your clips over and over!! Clips4sale does NOT offer that service. PLUS the site belongs to my hubby Tony/ gotcuffs. He slaved on it for YEARS. He filled in gaps he thought were missing on the clip sites as a bondage lover himself and he built a site to his liking. We hope you like it too…


Thank you!!


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