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So I’m trying to leave Jim and Gigis house after a long day of shooting in Florida and I had decided that I deserved a few pairs of heels from their model wardrobe because I truly felt like they had ripped me off by keeping too much custom video money and not telling me the extent of what they were going to do to me in the custom. On my way out the door Gigi asks if I’ve seen a specific pair of pink heels that just so happen to be showing through my bag. Oops. As I open the door to leave Jim comes in and Gigi immediately blabs that I’m accusing them of taking advantage of me and that I am stealing from them. Of course this is the perfect opportunity for him to lump up my big battered body one last time. He starts at the elbows because he is an asshole like that and moves on to my boobs. I yelp a lot, for some reason bound elbows with tight breast bondage makes me feel like I’m being choked which I’m really only halfway complaining about.  Gigi removes her panties and gags me with them and wow they match my heels, how nice (rolling eyes). Now I’m on the floor and pushed over, gggrrrrr I hate being stuck on one side.  After a while instead of being decent humans and letting me out they tie me into a terrible little ball which is suuuuper annoying because I’ve already been on that side for too long for my limited bondage capabilities. My shoulder is wrecked from several other situations that week. Gigi proclaims that this is her favorite tie and I’m thinking good for you, you are obviously way more tough than I am because I  realllly hate this, why couldn’t he have hogtied me????  I’m super stuck and legit miserable. I won’t even get any new heels to take home and poof one more bridge burned- may this fire light my way, just like the rest of em!!

make believe(ish) of course! 😉

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