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BONUS CLIP, shot years ago

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run time 23 minutes

Ms Renee takes a day off from her high power position to meet with a domme, where she won’t need to be the boss. First she finds herself in a cage with a huge white ballgag, her wrists and ankles bound and tied off to the top of the cage. She is wearing an open bottomed girdle and black stocking with her suit and white satin blouse but she forgot her panties on this occassion. After some time her boss for the day comes to get her out of the cage, leashes her and takes her for a walk down the hallway with her arms bound behind her back, still wearing the enormous ballgag. Ms Renee may be used to wearing suits, but is not used to wearing 6 inch high heels. She tries desperately not to stumble, struggling with the task. Ashley is led to a chair, her leash and blazer removed, her blazer thrown on her head momentarily while her mistress fetches some rope to decorate the beautiful woman with. Ashley is tied up on screen, her enormous breasts bursting out of her bra and white satin blouse. She moans and struggles sexily as she is tied up, still wearing the huge ballgag with no complaints. Once she is sufficiently tied her mistress pulls her boobs out of her blouse and gets ready to change out her gag. Ashley’s ballgag is removed with a giant stream of drool falling to her massive tits and her new gag- a pair of her own dirty pink panties is put on her head for a moment, before they are shoved in her mouth. Green vet wrap is used as a right cleave to keep the panties in place. She does try to spit the panties out around the cleave but does not succeed. More rope is added around her waist but while her mistress is tieing her, the ends of one of the vetwrap pops loose and Ms Renee spits out her gag, which is no problem…The panties are placed back into her mouth and clear white tape is wrapped around her pretty little head over and over and over again. She looks a bit worried, like perhaps her hair is going to come out with the gag. Next her ankles are tied off to the sides of the chair and she struggles before clothespins are put on her upper thighs and nipples, and more tape is added to her gag. From there Ms Renee gets her breasts tied up tightly with twine and the clothespins are removed as she struggles in the chair. Her gag is removed layer by layer and she is left there to get out on her own. Her session has ended.


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Ashley and Rain are girlfriends and they want to be tied up together… They hire a lady to do it. The woman appears and has them gag each other with nice sized ballgags. Then she gets to work tying up the brunette as her blond girlfriend gropes her massive breasts and pets her. Both women get breast bondage, one with rope and one with rubber bands and new gags- mouths stuffed with vetwrap wrapped around their heads.  The brunette is hogtied so tightly she can’t roll. Her hair is tied back into the tie and the blond is a put into a reverse prayer and hogtied. Their boobs had been clamped, unclamped and clamped again and because of some protest the rigger even gagged herself for a portion of the tying with a 3inch red ballgag…The two pretty ladies got their wish to be tied up next to one another! They didn’t realize just how tied up they would be.


Ashley Renee is back for the first time in a couple years!

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run time 14 minutes

Ashley is looking out her window and sees two women committing a horrible crime. She tells her friend she has to get off the phone and call the cops. One of the women notice her peeking out and they both run into the building and up a flight of steps and into her condo. They grab the petite and curvy woman and toss her on the couch and get to work tying her up. They cut off her panties, stuff them in her mouth and wrap her head with an ace bandage. They pull down her blouse and grope her massive tits. Eventually they put her into a hogtie and then another pair of panties over her head and they wrap electrical tape around her face and leave her there, unable to even roll on her side.



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69 photos

A glam photoset of Ashley Renee & I. Images done by Photo Dave from Assume the Position


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run time 5 minutes and 45 seconds

Ashley Renee is wearing a barely there black dress, black hosiery and 6 inch stilettos. She wriggles about in a strappado for a while before I come and gag her with a big black ballgag, suck on her big boobs and tighten up the ropes…


Image Set

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104 images

Aside from Ashley being an amazing bondage model and beautiful person inside and out whenever I go out to LA and work with her she hires a photographer to take photos, a luxury I’ve never had aside from with her! Here are some of my favorite photos of her, taken by a friend of mine Assume the Position aka photodave that I suggested she hire. There will be a video update of this set eventually, but sadly there was a dog barking and it is really annoying and I need to figure out a way to get it out.


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Ashley wriggles around in a corset and super shiny hose tied up on the floor. Then I start to add more rope to her and ungag her, pulling out the big pair of pink panties and stuffing another pair of blue ones in and then wrapping her head with microfoam tape, letting her struggle around before adding more rope to put her into a hogtie and leaving the sexy bondage superstar there to struggle.

The first leather gag is available at


Image Set

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41 photos

In this story I play Ashley’s domme but her husband comes home early and doesn’t like the idea of some lady tying her up. He decides to show her who is really boss, adding more rope to her changing her gag and tying me and gagging me….


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Ashley sits in a chair a bit tied up and I add rope and I keep adding rope and a ballgag to her lushes little body. Eventually I remove my suntan pantyhose and shove the entire pair into her mouth and then wrap the legs around her head to keep them in. (This was a first for me!!). After some time she gets some breast bondage pink vetwrap and pink thong panties on her head. I play with her boobs and then leave her there to struggle in her bondage.


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Ashley struggles in some rope on the bed when JJ appears and gags her with a big red ball. She adds more ropes to the beautiful woman and then pulls out a hitachi and starts to use it on Ashley over her satin panties. Once the hitachi episode is over JJ cuts Ashley’s wet panties off and replaces the ballgag with them. Then a roll of vetwrap is wrapped around Ashley’s head. Next her boobs are cut out of her tan sweater, her black lace bra peeking out until JJ pulls that down as well. Ashley wriggles about on the bed for a while before JJ gets a long rope out and hogties her there, leaving her there struggling on the bed.

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