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Anthony Peters has be stictly ziptied on his garage floor-ankles crossed, knees bound and zipties around the wrists elbows and above the boobs. I struggle there uselessly and then he comes in and drags me over to the wall, putting his hand over my mouth as I yell in despair. He unbuttons my blouse and manhandles my boobs. He keeps one hand ove my mouth and then finally shoves a shop rag in while plugging my nose to force my mouth wide open. Then he wraps vet wrap around my head over and over again. It’s a hot Florida day and it is sweltering in that garage. He makes a great bad guy and I’m truly distressed. He pulls my boobs out of my bra and manhandles me a bit more slapping my ass with his huge open palm. He lays me down to struggle more, and comes back with more zipties. He shakes my boob around by the nipple and then decides to ziptie it. Apparently he thinks it’s funny to only ziptie one and leave the other one bouncing around. He drags me back up on to my ass and manhandles my boobs and swats me a few more times before laying me back down to put me in a stict hogtie with those zipties. He manages to pull my heels off and cracks my toes, then he adds another ziptie to my feet and shoves me around a bit. He goes off to get a drink and leaves me there to struggle. I can hardly roll over at all, I’m now sweaty and filthy and all out of energy. …

9 minutes 20 seconds

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