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run time 14 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ has been gagged with an ace bandage and her elbows and wrists have been tied together tightly. She has been haphazardly tied to a chair, she starts to struggle to get up. She gets out of the chair and makes her way towards the door balancing in 6 inch stilettos. She makes her way down the long coridor of the 95 degree building looking for help and moaning through her gag. She doesn’t escape tho. Her female captor finds her and calls for help. They think she is being too loud and the female stuffs her mouth with a big pair of panties and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. Her friend shows up and they walk her down to his truck, boost her into the backseat. The girl puts her into a tight hogtie and they drive off with her as she moans in the back. Her arms are completely dead and she has no idea where she is going.

2 Responses to “The full figured blond couldn’t escape her skinny captor”

  • skirtkis:

    Gorgeous sexy JJ turns me on instantly whenever i see her!

  • james:

    I am member of gotcuffs and will be joining your website. 2 questions-several clips show you handcuffed outside leading to car- any fear of public comments? Also appreciate the pantyhose- are they on way out? I believe most men appreciate them rather than bare leg look. Great sites. james

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