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The Corrupt Security Guard has herself a willing playmate. She has been cuffed and chained and gagged with an open mouth gag and she is packing in her cell for a while. JJ comes to get her and brings her out into the open basement. She attaches her to the ceiling with a rope and then starts to tie her up more. She is eventually uncuffed and her mouth stuffed with a shop rag and vewrap wrapped around her head very tightly.  After a few minutes I think she is in trouble and I remove the shop rag, rewrap the vetwrap and then add even more vetwrap to make it a cleave. She gets her nipples sucked on and clothes pins and is hogtied and a stocking put over her head and pulled back. At this point she is very distressed….but JJ leaves her there for the next guard.

*This is the first time I have ever worked with Wenona! She just recently had a baby and is getting into bondage modeling again. When we were done she said the gag was really tight and that her hands were throbbing. She weathered the storm without giving in, but even tho I don’t know her well I could tell by her sounds that she was in real pain.

4 Responses to “Corrupt security guard has a playmate”

  • lordsylver:

    I am only getting 20 seconds of this video

  • Simon:

    The video is only 4 MB, looks like a problem in uploading. This is the first time I’ve commented, sorry it’s a complaint. I’ll try to remedy in future. Great to see Wenona here and on Hogcuffed. Hope there is more to come

  • earboy:

    There is a problem. Only 3.95meg down load and it only plays for about 30 seconds.

  • lordsylver:

    now that I am getting the entire video it was well worth it I wonder how tight she would have been tied if she was not willing?

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