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2nd update of the week

The first tie was the models idea! She had seen photos from the 50s & wanted to try it out


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run time 30 minutes

Sass was working for JJ at a strip club. She was making JJ a lot of money but she wanted to clean up her act so she quit. JJ isn’t happy and decides to strong arm Sass into coming back to the club. Sass has already been tied in a very uncomfortable position with a giant ballgag in her mouth. When her sexy roommate comes home she thinks her roommate is playing a kinky game. She wants in on the action. The club owner is happy to oblige and tries to convince the career woman to come and make some real money on her off time. The girls are tied back to back, ballgagged and left struggling. Then their gags are changed. Sass gets a pair of panties stuffed into her mouth with a cleave gag. Wenona gets a sock and tape wrapped around her head. They are then knocked over on their sides and completely helpless. Then their legs are tied back and more tape added to their gags. They are left there to wait for help.

The final scene shows their gags coming off which was just going to be my typical showing the gags coming off scene, but Sass continues the script and helps Wenona up, her knees still tied and decides to drag her towards the stairs so they can have more fun.

last update of the week

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run time 27 minutes

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So I’ve been posting a lot of DID. Here is Wenona in a way I never get to see her- being dressed, made up and using her sex appeal. When the clip starts she is attached to the post leg up, already gagged. She struggles for a while before I return to let her leg go. I attach her to the post standing up, shortly after I just pull one leg up. Then it is time for a new position- on her knees in a bolero armbinder. She gets clothes pins on her nipples and struggles. Then her gag is removed and panties are stuffed in. Her head is wrapped with duct tape and a little while after microfoam tape. She struggles and gets hooded and struggle more hogtied, then I come back and add a few straps to tighten up her situation. She struggles.  Very little time was “wasted” showing her getting into or out of the bondage. The leather straps and harness gag are available at Her outfit is at just figures dot com.

1st update of the week

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run time 35 minutes

Wenona comes home and reads a letter from her lover to tie up her knees, gag herself, put nipple clamps on and to blindfold herself. The kinky woman happily obliges and stuffs panties in her mouth. What she doesn’t know is that the person that wrote the note was her lovers wife who has some help her best friend. Wenona is a yoga instructor and lately JJ’s husband has taken a liking to yoga, so much so that he is banging her. The two try to humiliate the woman. They add more rope while she is blindfolded. She believes it is her lover. They remove the blindfold and she sees what is happening. The regag her they make her walk around in the heels, the tie her up more and crotch rope her. They decide to test her flexibility put her legs behind her bed. They twist the nipple clamps upside down. The change up the position and tie her into the splits! They slap her and call her names. They swap out her ballgag for stuffing and a cleave gag. Finally they leave her that way with soaking wet panties that were in her mouth over her head. Maybe she will stop banging the guy, but probably not she doesn’t seem to mind her predicament as much as she should


New model to this site!!

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run time 3o minutes

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The Corrupt Security Guard has herself a willing playmate. She has been cuffed and chained and gagged with an open mouth gag and she is packing in her cell for a while. JJ comes to get her and brings her out into the open basement. She attaches her to the ceiling with a rope and then starts to tie her up more. She is eventually uncuffed and her mouth stuffed with a shop rag and vewrap wrapped around her head very tightly.  After a few minutes I think she is in trouble and I remove the shop rag, rewrap the vetwrap and then add even more vetwrap to make it a cleave. She gets her nipples sucked on and clothes pins and is hogtied and a stocking put over her head and pulled back. At this point she is very distressed….but JJ leaves her there for the next guard.

*This is the first time I have ever worked with Wenona! She just recently had a baby and is getting into bondage modeling again. When we were done she said the gag was really tight and that her hands were throbbing. She weathered the storm without giving in, but even tho I don’t know her well I could tell by her sounds that she was in real pain.