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over 12 minutes

I’m sporting a new jumpsuit gifted from Michael B. without socks while wearing the Bob Barker sandals and a waffle shirt.

I get a hinged cuffs behind the back

When was the first time you were handcuffed?

Do you prefer cuffs or rope?

I get a waste chain and lockbox and then leg irons.

I pace around a bit and kick off the sandals and make a comment about how some people will be thrilled that I did that and others angry.

I sit back down and he asks do I prefer playing a cop or a prisoner?

How long have I been locked in the jail cell?

Why might you end up in prison (my own question)?

What prison gear do you like best?

If you could choose your own prison outfit in prison what would it be?

If you could choose a court outfit what would it be?

Are there any cuff clips that really stick out to you?

How do you like this new jumpsuit?

If you were being transported to prison would you prefer the lockbox in front or cuffed behind?

Do you think you can get out of that lockbox right now?

Then I remove the leg irons with a key he hands me which makes the lockbox go way up my arm and get a bit stuck there and I grumble.

The end.

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