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19 minutes

A woman thinks she sees someone out in her yard. She asks her man to go and check it out. He comes in with a woman in prison jumpsuit on and she is still cuffed with a waist chain, lockbox and leg irons. She claims to have escaped abuse and begged them to help her. The woman goes to get her some clothes and the man happens to have a handcuff key on him having been an employee at the prison. Instead of giving her comfortable clothes she is given lingerie,  a girdle, bra and fully fashioned stockings. She begs for a sweatshirt but she doesn’t get one. She reluctantly gets dressed in the lingerie. The woman grabs her prison panties and says that she is going to soak them in the sink. The escapee pleads for her not to. The panties were soaked, but not in the sink….Rachel soon finds herself tied to a bed with an enormous ballgag between her lips.  Her legs are pulled over her head putting her in a terribly uncomfortable situation with her elbows bound and wrists pulled back to the headboard.

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