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run time 50 minutes

It is time for the chair challenge again. We know that heels make it so a leg can get free IF the person fights for their life so this time our subject just gets stocking feet making an escape more impossible… Once she is strapped in tightly it becomes apparent to her that she will not be able to escape no matter what, so, instead of fighting for her life she does more of a damsel shake and shimmy for her time in the chair, most likely opting to not bruise up her body in a futile struggle for freedom. Once that is over I decide to put her into a hogtie. Chanelle is new to bondage but one of her first shoots was my pal Eric Cain so she is no wimp!!! I tie her tits up, her first time ever having them tied and she doesn’t react much, good for her!! I’m very noisy about it. I also use the clamps that make most humans cry, no tears from her! She gets a tight hogtie, mouth stuffing gag with blue vetwrap and then lots of tape. She gets a crotch rope and her big toes tied. She suffers beautifully for us! I’m looking forward to doing more with her 🙂

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