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run time 33 minutes

 A screenplay by Jochen

Mrs Plush is a vile woman that wants to do her long time husband in to gain access to his fortune, having signed a prenup at 19 years of age and deeply regretting it as her cruel life has gone on. She knows his underpaid accountant has been stealing for herself and she comes up with a plan to blackmail her into staging a robbery with the Mrs Plush being all trussed up and helpless with her husbands body found nearby. Only Mrs Plush did not think that Rachel Adams, the accountant would be so crafty as to change the scenario so drastically… Ms Adams seems to have much more confidence than usual the day of the main even. She is in a catsuit with stiletto boots and glamorous new hair extensions. She goes off script binding JJs elbows and gagging her first with a ball and then with a hanky vetwrap and shiny black tape. After reading JJ a long message as to why she won’t follow through in getting rid of her husband but that she is also taking the cash and jewels left for her and leaving  JJ there for Mr Plush to find along with the note she takes off. JJs fate will now be in the hands of Mr Plush and what will he do with her? Ms Adams doesn’t care, she is off to live her life in a far more comfortable way without the murder  of an innocent man  being on her concious. JJ struggles for her life to free herself of Ms Adams ropes. She makes it to her feet, unwinds the gag and then hears the door, oh shit…. It is Mr. Plush. She is panicked and pushes some of Rachels papers behind the nightstand but then starts to chew up the one that says the most. Mr Plush can’t understand what is going on. He accidently stands on a rope and the Mrs falls to her feet and exclaims that she isn’t sure what happened, her meds got all messed up and something went wrong. The end

I wasn’t supposed to get out but I know this gentleman in real life and he wants real escape attempts so I tried my best….. he will write another part of the movie,  how will it go????

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