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 run time 43 minutes

JJ stuffs her mouth with a shop rag and wraps her head with purple fabric and then puts clear tape over it. After that she adds silver tape and two over the mouth fabric gags. She pulls her hoody up and shows it from all angles. Everything comes off and then 3 foam balls go in her mouth with clear tape and the. Silver tape over it all. She also adds purple wrap over that and then closes the hoody and posed on the bed before removing it all. Next white cloth goes in her mouth, an old sweatshirt over the mouth, purple fabric over the mouth and then she taped up her legs and adds a final over the mouth white cloth and pulls the hoody up. Next a man comes in and tapes her hands in front, attaching them to her legs and also ties her manicured thumbs with the strings of the hoody. She struggles around on the bed helpless and hooded.

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