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run time almost  37 minutes

Dakkota has some information that JJ needs terribly so she decides to try to get her to talk with some cruel gags and bondage while scaring her with a weapon. Dakkota gets a ballgag and scarf gag before part of a sweatshirt is stuffed into her mouth, red vetwrap around her head, duct tape after that and then black tape. It is removed and she gets a shop rag, microfoam tape, black tape and rope tied around it. She is now kneeling while hogtied and in a bit of a predicament. The gag is removed as well as the kneeling hogtie rope and she still refuses to speak but this time a big pair of panties is stuffed in her mouth, black vetwrap goes all around her face and then some red vinyl tape. After a bit a black stocking goes over her head. She has already been hogtied for a bit when the stocking cap goes on. The bad woman leaves poor Dakkota on the floor and says she will be back in a few hours, surely she will talk by then.

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