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run time almost 18 minutes

Cherry owes Steve some money and he is angry. He has her roommate tied at the wrists and then stuffs her mouth with a big pair of panties and wraps her head very tightly with microfoam tape.  Cherry comes home and assumes JJ is playing a kinky game with a boyfriend but she soon finds out what is going on. Steve grabs her and ties her up. She tries to reason with him but he’s not having it. He stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties and wraps her head and then continues to tie her up eventually hogtying the two. Her roommate gets the brunt of Steve’s anger with a tight elbow tie and hogtie. Cherry is able to spit her gag out, only to have Steve shove it back in and wrap a stocking around her head as a cleave to keep it in. This time it is not coming out. He pulls their boobs out of their blouses and then after looking around the house and not finding anything of value or any money he decides he is going to have his way with the girls…

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