Please note, The filming on this is not up to par, it has been discussed and isn’t happening anymore

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run time 40 minutes

A man has hired a woman to try on some of his metal cuffs while wearing tight shiny pants, black pantyhose and a sheer blouse. For some of the time she is wearing her Loubs. She is first cuffed in front and with leg irons and wanders around in those heels. Then she gets on the bed and struggles around after he attaches a spreader bar to her wrists and ankles. After a bit she gets up on her knees and he cuffs her behind the back and pulls her arms up and attaches them to a rope above the bed. Then she walks with hinged cuffs on the ankles and cuffed behind the back. Then the spreader bar goes in her ankles for a bit before things go slightly wrong and the irish8s won’t go on her ankles in an appropriate way. They are painfully tight and down right dangerous and there isn’t an in-between size so big ones go on the ankles and tiny ones on the wrists in front for a little bit before it all comes to an end.

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