Purple Jade is now Jayda Blayze and this is her biological sister Chanelle Celsius. It was her first appearance on Borntobebound

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43 minutes and 40 seconds

however 10 minutes-ish at the end are them getting the tape off of one another

Chanelle and Jayda are minding their own business at work when a woman comes in with a weapon ordering one to tape up the other. They end up tightly taped in their desk chairs for a bit and do tons of gag talk each blaming the other for the situation they are in before getting to the ground. Being on the ground does them no good as the woman drags one of them in front of the sofa and tapes them both back to back together. Then their ballgags are replaced with stuffing and tape wrapped around their pretty little heads. After a bit they fall onto their sides, their nice plump pantyhose clad butts on display for us. The woman has what she needs but she isn’t done having fun with the real life sisters. She cuts them apart and then tapes them into a basic hogtaping. They mmmph around on the floor all helpless. Who will come to their rescue?

They were great in this and both available for customs although I am way behind on emails.

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