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run time 12 minutes

Pretty red headed sisters (Cherry Busom and Chrissy Daniels) have been tied back to back with rope around their heads as gags. Two people have invaded their home and are robbing the cute duo. They struggle to get free but really just yank on one another. After some time one of the robbers comes in and tightens up their ropes a bit and unbuttons their blouses to get a look at their boobs and then adds another rope around their heads. She leaves to check on what her boyfriend is doing. He is a little kinky and he likes to play bondage games but his girlfriend isn’t in the mood. She tells him that they need to get out of their before the cops come…He has something different in mind- he plans to leave her there with the girls they are robbing. He sets her down on the floor next to the girls with her wrists and elbows already tied as she tries to reason with him. He puts her in a hogtie as she tells him it’s not funny and he needs to let her out, but he shoves a huge pair of panties in her mouth and wraps her head very tightly with microfoam tape. JJ can’t believe this is happening, but i is….He just leaves her there unable to reach any of the knots.

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