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run time almost 16 minutes

Two women walk into a check cashing center with a big check. The clerk immediately knows that these girls are up to no good and that the check is fake. She politely tells them that the check is simply too big for her to cash and that she needs to talk to a supervisor that won’t be in that day. The girls storm off angry at her. They wait for her to get off of work and drag her back into the facility. One holds her at gun point while the other one ties her up. The woman is tied to a chair, the girls pull her big boobs out of her sweater threatening her with the weapon.  They finally get the girl to give up the combination to the safe. The one doing the tying removes her pink panties and shoves them in the pretty little things mouth, and then they keep those panties in with a tight piece of cloth over her mouth. They take the cash, leaving her there with her big boobs out. Finally another employee arrives to help her. He removes her gag and then leaves her there tied to call for help.

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