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run time 24 minutes and 30 seconds

A man hired a woman to come to his work place for some handcuffing fun. He cuffs her in front with hinged cuffs and then has her do the same to her ankles. He asks her to walk around like that in her high heels. Then he examines her size 6 barefeet and wrinkly soles before putting a metal collar on her and using a spreader bar and attaching her neck to her ankle cuffs he asks her to walk around all hunched over in barefeet, leading her over to the desk and then removing the spreader bar so she can get up on the desk where he can hogcuff her. He gets her hogcuffed using another pair of hinged cuffs and then tells her to stay there while¬† he goes off to a work meeting…Upon his return he lets her out and she puts her heels back on and heads out.

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