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It is a sunny day in southern California and we venture out into my friends backyard and begin digging thru my bag of tricks. Eventually Sam gags me with a small pair of panties but I tell her she should stick another large pair in there as well. She does, and then she wraps my head with clear tape to keep them in. Then I gag her next with an entire shop rag and some microfoam tape. I make it nice and tight and then we do some gagged kisses. She ties my elbows up nice and tightly and then my wrists. She spanks me and gives me more gagged kisses and then she ties herself up, hands in front and I try to help her a bit even tho my hands are mostly useless and a bit purple. Sorry about some noise from a neighbors weedwacker, I’m not much an editor and don’t know how to take it out… Once her wrists are tied I take the flogger and start to wack her in the boobs and butt with the flogger, even tho my elbows and wrists are still tied. Next Samantha grabs the flogger and smacks my butt with it, which is in a white lacey pantygirdle that matches my dress. Samantha then unties my arms while her wrists are still tied. Then I untie her wrists and unwrap her gag pulling out the towel. She then unwraps the tape from my face and hair which makes me yelp a bit…..then she pulls out the two pair of satin panties. In case you are thinking my boobs look enormous I have recently discovered a magical bra that adds a couple cup sizes. I did not have mine inflated ;)

run time over 20 minutes

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