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run time over 13 minutes

JJ is trapped on her knees in a box. Her wrists have been cuffed and her elbows have been brutally bound with chain. A huge black ballgag is in her mouth. She pounds on the top of the box with her hands and yells for help thru her gag. After a minute her friend Lauri approaches the box and eventually figures out how to open it. JJ clumsily makes her way out of the box Lauri tries to give her some relief but the chains and handcuffs and even the ballgag are padlocked! So the two women start to sneak through the warehouse in their stiletto heels. They make their way thru the vast building trying to find an exit, but it’s too confusing and they can’t seem to find their way to an exit. After a wrong turn they stumble into the mad man that inhabits the building. He forces JJ to the floor and cuffs Lauri brutally as she screams at him. Next he cuffs their ankles together and then forces another pair of cuffs on Lauri’s elbows as she struggles against him. She screams in pain as he pinches her skin and he stands there with a huge grin on his face. He escorts the two women back to where they were, first plugging Lauri’s loud mouth with a huge white ballgag. It shuts her up nicely. Once he has them where he wants them he attaches their chained ankles to a ring in the floor. JJ manages to pull Lauri’s gag off with her mostly hands and then the two girls kick off their heels and try to make it to the ground. Once on the floor Lauri seems to give up hope just a bit but JJ struggles ferociously to unhook them from the floor. She eventually accomplishes it, even with her purple hands. The two get up and JJ leads Lauri out of the room…Can they make it out or will the Hunter be waiting for them around another corner?

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