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run time 17 minutes

Dakkota spends most of her work days with her feet up on the desk filing her nails and shopping on Amazon. She even answers the phone pretending to be a recording saying they are busy helping other customers and to call back later. One of these customers knows that this is not a recording and she storms in and grabs the pretty blond and brings her to the front of the desk where she starts to tape her up with duct tape and then knots her scarf and shoves it in her mouth. Dakkota is taped while standing in tight blue jeans and very fuzzy soft sweater with coordinating heels. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles around before her mouth is stuffed and clear tape wrapped around that. She is then hogtaped with layers of duct tape. He face is distorted and her moans change. Eventually she kicks off her heels as if somehow that will help to free her. The woman is long gone with her nail file and the company phone.

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