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A woman is walking through the woods taking photos when a masked man appears out of nowhere and wrestles her to the ground. He takes her camera and cuffs her wrists, then he removes the scarf from her neck and stuffs her mouth. He pulls out ace bandaging from his pocket and wraps her head tightly with it. He forces her up and leads her deeper into the woods before tying her elbows up with rope, and then tying her knees up with rope, but she tries to spit her gag out which only the man off so he stops roping up her knees and wraps layers and layers of electrical tape around her head before tying her knees and then her fingers. He lets her struggle on the forest floor for a while before making her get to her feet. He gets her up on a little stump and ties a noose around her head. She goes quiet concentrating on her balance in her 5 inch boots. The man says he hears something and wander off. Once he is out of site a petite little thing comes up and helps the woman down from the stump but she is quickly tackled by the man and easily overpowered. He gets her tied up and then stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with tape before rolling her over and hogtying her and leaving her there to struggle.

run time 18 minutes

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