This was a custom clip I did with Eric Cain from futilestruggles, who was the very first person to ever tie me up in 2006 actually!!  If you aren’t a member here it is available for purchase on his clip site now

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

full clip, run time 33 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

shorter version, less tying more struggling over 12 minutes

JJ cleans the house with her wrists bound in front of her and ballgagged very, very tightly distorting her face. The problem is that she is not really cleaning anything. I (Eric) find her wiping down the floor, but it is obvious she has not swept it first and there is dog hair everywhere. I make her bend over the coffee table for a spanking. Lots of gag talk as she tries to make excuses, trying to form words and sentences and not just mindless mmpphs. I leave her to continue, but I return after seeing undone dishes in the kitchen. I decide that she should spend some time in strict bondage, as she is not doing anything constructive anyway. She complains through her gag as I tie her legs and elbows with cotton rope. The 2″ plus ballgag is replaced with a harness ballgag and she is crotch roped very tightly over her pantyhose, and oops she forgot her panties. She gets hogtied very strictly on the floor so she can see all of the crud that she missed. I add some clover clamps as well for good measure which she clearly hates then I leave her there to think about her bad behavior. Now she has a valid reason not to be getting the cleaning done.


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