2nd update of the week

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Sahrye is cleaning house for a woman she despises. The grown ass woman comes in wearing a sleezy little number much more appropriate for a college girl. The maid asks her what the dress is for and JJ replies that she is throwing her daughter a 19th birthday party the next day and it is the dress she plans to wear. Sahrye doesn’t skip a beat and starts to call JJ every name in the book for wearing such an outfit to her daughters party. JJ fires back that the daughter is well adjusted and that since she had her at 19 years old she didn’t get to have a carefree youth the way most women do. When JJ tells her she has spoken out of place and she needs to leave Sahrye grabs a statue from the table and knocks JJ out. When she comes to her wrists are tied. Sahrye is tired of living on a maids wage and she has a plan to get rid of the mom and her precious daughter. Sahrye removes her panties and gags the woman! She is all tied up when her daughter comes home from cheerleading but it is her turn now to be bound and gagged just like her mom. JJ protests through the gag to let her pride and joy go, but that just makes Sahrye add more layers to her  gag.  Eventually both women are hogtied next to one another and Sahrye runs off to steal from them and to get some help to get them out of there. Mom frantically works on the hogtie rope and eventually gets it, realizing he daughters arms are discolored and in pain she starts to untie them…What happened after the clips ends? Did they make the escape or did the maid get her way?

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