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JJ finds herself sitting in a chair and being brutally duct taped by a man. Once he has her full figured body all taped up he shoves an enormous wad of panties in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. She struggles in the chair before he helps her to the concrete floor where she struggles around for a while before he opens up her snug blouse revealing her lacey push up bra. He hikes up her skirt and her lacey panty girdle shines under her black pantyhose. He rolls her around and then puts a pair of big pace panties over her head abd ties them off in back. He lets her struggle like that before coming back with a black stocking and putting it over her head. She is having a hard time breathing and not struggling as hard anymore…She is stuck, until someone comes to her rescue…

run time over 15 minutes

7 Responses to “He just left me there taped up so tightly with panties in my mouth & over my head!”


    This file is corrupted, please re-post..

  • Everything seems OK on my end..tho I am trying to reload it now. I am in California and on a slow internet connection, so I am not sure how much luck I will have. Do all of the other clips download ok for you??? Other members were you able to download this clip? Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the inconvenience. ~JJ


    No problem JJ… i’w waiting for the reload!! You’re so sexy in this God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 All the other clips are ok for me, thanks!!

  • Fantasia:

    The same for me, yesterday downloaded file is corrupted.

    I retry it now…

    Thank you for all JJ


    YEAH! Now is perfect!

  • Rubbertina:

    I love that.And she forgott a vibrator in my crotch and she make me crazy.

  • Yuriy:

    I like and love panties over head. Please more panties over head (panty-hooded)… 😉

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