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AJ is into BDSM & bondage in her private life. It is always fun to work with a bondage loving girl, and she is a good actress too!!

JJ is stuck tied up and ballgagged on a mattress in a cold basement. Her masked captor brings her friend in and shoves her onto the mattress and adds more rope to her body. He wants some information that they really can’t tell him, but he doesn’t believe it. He stuffs JJ’s mouths with panties and wraps her head tightly with duct tape. Then it is AJ’s turn…Once he has them effectively gagged her hogties them. AJ’s tie so tight for her that she can’t roll over. Once the man leaves JJ desperately tries to reach for the knots on AJ’s back, she can grab them, but can make little impact. The mattress is saggy and her hands have little feeling from being bound for so long…

run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

4 Responses to “Full figured girls- mouths stuffed & left hogtied on the filthy mattress”

  • logrider:

    We need “behind the scenes” video and stills of you modeling your outfit and being tied. You and your videos are the best thing going in bondage right now.


    Mhhhhhppphhh…. JJ your moans are great!! Perfect gag!

  • JJPlush:

    Thank you BOTH…and Logrider this is a recent video. I have put back on some extra pounds in the last months and I’m feeling a bit insecure about it- tho at one time I was 50 lbs larger than this even. Luckily people have been very nice about it and I’m doing my best to stay confident. I will try to do some photos/ video in curve accentuating outfits and post those as well. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a fan of a waif and some actually appreciate a well fed girl, lol!!

  • skirtkis:

    Aj in the sexy spike heels and pencil skirt is just super, Jj is also very pretty and dressed up, super sexy

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