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run time about 28 minutes

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run time about 10 minutes and 30 seconds

JJs skin tight white skirt from

JJ is working with Steve Villa and Tony for the first time. Steve ties her up and they make small talk while Tony video tapes it just for fun. Once Steve has JJ all tied up with a big ballgag in her mouth a woman comes downstairs looking for her. The woman is JJ’s land lady and friend, Vanessa. Vanessa had no idea JJ did any bondage modeling , but she is easily convinced into trying it herself to make a few extra bucks. Steve starts to tie her up, then gags JJ with two pair of panties and tight microfoam tape before shoving a pair of panties into Vanessa’s mouth and wrapping her head with duct tape and opening up her blouse to show off her bra and fantastic cleavage. He hogties the ladies. It’s pretty tight, they are ready to get out, but he and Tony decide they want to go grab some dinner and leave the two struggling there, mmphing for help!

Bonus footage at the end of the full version gags coming off of the two women and a very real reaction from Vanessa, that isn’t a part of the script

10 Responses to “He hired me for a bondage shoot but got to tie up my land lady too!”

  • Gaghermouth:

    Excellent gags again, and that skirt! So love a tight skirt on a bound and gagged girl. xxxxxxxxxx

  • vigor:

    Please … they absolutely want to download this video


    Simply one of my favourite video on the net!

  • xymex04:

    Gotta love Vanessa! I haven’t seen her in a while; it’s good to see that she’s still getting tied up!

  • I love her. Steve Villa from Girl Next Door still shoots her :)

  • Gedanke:

    This is a great clip.
    Awesome to see you, JJ, gagged with more than one panty.
    Everytime it´s impressive to watch.

    And i love Vanessa´s comment at the end.
    Thanks for suffering for a good clip.

  • pwbritt:

    Hey JJ,

    Is Vanessa really related to Steve???? The name says Vanessa Villa….A relly fine clip…


  • JJ Plush:

    Gedanke: I’ll remember to have the guys that tie me up shove as much in there as they can. lol. Steve is good at remembering to do that!! Pwbritt: The amazing lady is his long time wife in real life! She appears in his videos from time to time :)

  • skirtkis:

    J. J. is so underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Most erotic model alive is J. J.

  • skirtkis:

    J. J. in whit epencil skirt with sexy Vanessa!!!Ooooh la la

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