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Standing at our little booth momentarily (just over a minute) Tony puts the ballgag in and off we go on a walk around Boundcon Vienna in October 2015. My elbows are tied and chicken winged, I have my biggest ballgag in, I’m tightly corseted wearing a sheer blouse, tight leggings and open toed heels. I make a stop at the McHurt booth (favorite bondage things of mine that I hope to be selling in the USA soon). I get some ballgag kisses from Afsana & Reja Mae. I walk around in the bondage area and out into the main area. I say hello to Fayth on Fire- check out some hot young girls ahead of me and head to the VIP bar area. My friend Graham is kind enough to order me a drink from the Yvette Cousteau! She takes the gag off so I can have a few sips. She touches my boobs a bit. I’m regagged and wander back out in the area that was for the Erotic Fair, down some steps. There are more vanilla type porn fan folks over there. Tony keeps on filming me. I’m not stopped too much, this seems pretty normal to many people there. We chose an earlier in the day time to do this so there wouldn’t be so many people surrounding us that we couldn’t get good shots of me walking. I keep wandering in the big open convention area. Delona (German rigger) puts her face in my breasts. I head back to our booth and Fayth grabs one of my borntobebound mugs for me to drool into, lol… We stop it there. I really loved this convention hall and getting tied up so much 🙂

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