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A man has three office women stripped down to their girdles and stockings. Their arms have been tied up and their legs have been mostly tied up. The women swear at him like a bunch of factory rats. He adds more rope to one of the girls legs…then gags them- starting with JJ and a huge pair of panties. He wraps microfoam tape around her head tightly as the other women plead for him to let them go. Next he shoves a hankerchief in Mandy’s mouth and wraps her head tightly with a cleave gag.  He shoves a wad of cloth into her mouth and then wraps her head tightly with a cleave gag. The three women mmphs helplessly on the floor before he returns with even more rope and ties Mandy up even tighter. He does the same thing to the blond Tabitha and then hogties JJ and Mandy. He drags Tabitha off screen to have his way with her as the two women have to watch…They continue to struggle and yell for help through their big gags.

run time 12 minutes and 20 seconds

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