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run time 30 minutes

Rachel Adams is a college student that knows her professor is into bdsm. She desperately wants to be her pet. She has a friend cuff her up under the womans desk using irish8 cuffs and a hinged cuff as well as a purple ballgag, leather hood and posture collar. It doesn’t look horrific but that hogcuff style is painful and it is hard to move much. Ms Adams suffers beautifully until the woman comes and lets her out and speaks to her. She is delighted to see such a naturally pretty girl under that hood. She asks her questions about her likes. She ballgags her again and cuffs her up in front of her desk after sitting with her in the chairs and caressing her legs. When it is time for the professor to go to class she lets Rachel up and cuffs her to one of the chairs in front of her desk.