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3rd update of the week

clip buyers: This clip won’t be posted to my store for months but you can find it soon at Milf Gigi’s Bondage Fantasies clip store.

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run time 18 minutes and 25 seconds

A woman in a black stocking cap drags another woman in who is wearing a sweater, black pantyhose and tight boots. She has been tied up and she is not very happy about it. She gets more rope on her petite frame, she hollars through a big ballgag. Her arms are pulled up in a dreadful manner. The gag is tightened to shut her up more, she is groped and manhandled. She is put onto the floor and the big ball is taken out of her mouth it hasn’t muffled her enough, a bandana shoved in its place and tight wrap goes round and round her pretty little head. The lady in the stocking cap doesn’t say a word. The upset sexy milf gets a crotch rope over her black pantyhose and she is finally hogtied and left alone. The strange woman just grabs a carved statue, walks over the trussed up lady on the floor and leaves.

footage of her gag coming out at the end