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1st time on this site!

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run time 28 minutes and 30 seconds

Kitty gets the restraint chair challenge in a custom video. My instructions were to be herself and not over act but try to get out. Well, well, well herself is pretty animated/ fiery I suppose! I tell her I’m going to do a getting to know you clip, and not to be a damsel, just to be herself but she is a lifestyler and a brat, which I didn’t know….so she enjoys a good fight which I was not expecting or looking for. You can see my facial expressions as we proceed. She was making life harder on herself, but that is what she likes….The ballgag looks good on her, those gray gloss pantyhose look good on her. Eventually her mouth is stuffed with an entire bandana, good girl! Her head is wrapped with black tape and then white vetwrap. She is hogtied and left trying to get out. I’m looking forward to her coming back some time and doing more along the lines of take down scenes. I’m getting a little stronger, seeing a trainer.

I asked the model holding the camera to please get lots of her full body standing in those hot heels, but she chopped the heels off :/ sorry to those of you that get angry when this happens, no more clips coming that were shot that way. Also I just got more lights. I had a mixture of old and new and the tones did not match and it made some of the clips not matchy matchy depending on where we were in the light. I’m not good at color correcting so it was a bummer. There are still old clips to post like that but going forward it won’t be happening.