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full clip: run time over 20 minutes

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end of clip: run time about 5 minutes

Anna is a homeowner with a big backyard and clear view of the sky. She has been seeing objects she can’t identify for a while now and she has plenty of pictures and videos to prove it. She calls the police department and soon a woman shows up and starts asking questions about who else knows, what devices is this information on etc… then cutie Anna is stuck in the neck and soon asleep. When she knows what is again she has been tied up and she is being ballgagged. These are secret gov aircrafts that no one should see once let alone over and over. She has to prevent the little cutie from talking. She threatens her that if she doesn’t cooperate things will get much worse than this bondage where she is taken. Anna is terrified and struggling hard and gets back up to her knee and falls over into a wall with a marble table…She is much better than she could be, she was lucky. Her gag is changed to a stocking and tape, her nipples are clamped and more rope is added to her young body. The woman tells Anna they have to take her away instead of blank slating her because she might still see those views….Poor Anna, she had no idea she was seeing things never meant for her eyes…

So true story, she did try to get back up to her knee- she said so that the struggling would look prettier, however she lost her balance and slammed into a wall and table while tied up. Pillows had been set against the sofa so if she fell she would fall into them. We never imagined her going the other way. Footage included, clip continued and Annas reaction to seeing the fall on the camera at the end. That was a very close call, it could have been a very, very bad day. I followed up the next evening her neck and shoulders weren’t even out of whack but she did have a small hickey like bruise on her neck.