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15 minutes and 15 seconds

This lovely free spirited all natural girl (Muriel)  from Berlin has men just eating out of the palm of her hand! Listen to her purr and see why. She is not into high heels and tight skirts so there is none of that here. She is in girdle panties and pantyhose while topless. She loves shibari and performance art but my gags and strict arm ties she really doesn’t care for at all. She is a good sport and does it with a smile even!

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run time 18 minutes and 25 seconds

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shorter version, run time 6 minutes and 30 seconds

Lexi had recently done hard bondage with Jim Hunter and hadn’t exactly recovered when I had came to visit but she needed the money so here she is outside in satin, garter belt and stockings in the hot Florida sun in a strappado on her knees waiting to see what will happen next, a ballgag and her big tits tied on her tiny body for instance!! Then a sweaty scarf is stuffed into her mouth and clear plastic wrapped around it. Next she is tied in a chicken wing and hogtied on the ground. She is dirty and unhappy and questioning her life choices, at the end she manages to get the gag out and the clip ends with her swearing at me.